Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Praise for Flower Of Iowa

Nine months after its publication, Lance Ringel’s acclaimed Great War novel Flower of Iowa continues to gather praise. This time, the encomium comes from the prestigious Kirkus Reviews.

Writing on February 4 on the Kirkus website, the reviewer calls the book, which took Ringel 21 years to write, “[a]ccomplished, touching historical fiction” and “a compelling love story,” citing “a remarkable amount of flavor and detail” as well as “memorable characters, particularly openhearted Iowan Tommy.”

This powerful endorsement of the book is the latest in a series of critical milestones for Flower of Iowa. It began in May when The Advocate selected the novel as a top recommended summer read

In October came support from an unexpected source: world-renowned actor-writer Stephen Fry, who Tweeted from London: “Reading a truly wonderful WW1 novel. A gay romance, but not soppy or silly. So truthful and touching.”

Read the entire Kirkus review by clicking here.

To purchase a copy of the acclaimed eBook Flower of Iowa, please click here.

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